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The Full Story

I think I was always meant to write romance. I've romanticized everything since I was a kid, dreaming up impossible situations, brave heroines, deserving counterparts... 

I turned 35 last year and decided it was time to make it happen. My first manuscript behind me, I'm now working on the other bits of fun that go along with being a writer in the year of 2021 (like a Twitter account!!)

These days you are as likely to find me in the forest chasing my two little gremlin daughters as in a coffee shop, trying hard not to eat four croissants in one sitting (because let's be real, one croissant is a child portion). I work in the family business as a day job, designing fairy dresses and tools to encourage imagination through play, 

My nightlife? Well, when my girls are asleep, the fun begins (and sadly no, I'm not only talking about the cherished time with my hunky husband...). These days I'm pretty excited for alone time with my laptop, getting the stories out instead of pretending to like watching soccer. 

And so here it is, a front-row seat on my journey to become an author. thanks for watching! 

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10 fun facts about Katie Frey

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I thought I'd do one of these "meet the author posts". Plus I already wrote up 10 fun facts for @_bookish_dreamer (who is awesome, check her out)- so here goes. Aaannnddd I feel like it’s worth the shoutout that per my first #bookstagram here I am, I’m wearing a necklace made by my kid (so pls forgive the atrocious backlight)

1. When I was younger I would routinely pretend to be British when out at the bar with my crew. To this day, I have multiple friends on Facebook who think I’m from Surbiton (this has gone too far to correct now… I am living a lie).

2. I have pet chickens. I also sponsor the neighbourhood fox (!!!).

3. I am a weekday vegetarian.

4. My five year old is the only kid in her class that believes unicorns are real & I find this kinda sad (for the other kids).

5. My day job is designing dressup for kids. I work with my momma. (

6. My favourite romance tropes are secret/hidden identities (also what I love to write).

7. When my husband first met me, I was tryin’ to be cute & was all “guess how old I am” when he asked. He guessed 36 (I was 25). I never play that game now.

8. I started writing Nearly Wed ten years ago. Publishing it was a seminal moment in my life! *also, it's on #kindleunlimited, go read it!

9. My favourite dessert is Ottolenghi’s Honey Greek Cheesecake. This one dish is responsible for my renewed commitment to leggings.

10. My book boyfriend for all time is Jamie Fraser. He gives me all the feels.

Also... always looking for friends in the #bookishcommunity. So tell me some fun facts about YOU. Slide into my DMs (no creepers pls). Say hi. xxoo

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